2700 S. Western Suite 1300
Amarillo, Texas 79109

Currently, our greatest need is to complete our Kindergarten and Administrative Building.  Due to lack of space, the Kindergarteners at Agape Primary School met inside Agape Baptist Church. According to new regulations imposed by the Ugandan government, Agape Primary School is no longer allowed to hold classes inside the church and has been forced to shut down their Kindergarten program until they can provide a proper building for their Kindergarten students to meet.

We still neeed $25,000 to complete the building and open it up for our kindgergarten program and Administrative team.  If you would like to donate to this project click on the picture above labeled GREATEST NEED. You will be able to donate in increments of $50.00.  If preffered, you can send a check to 25forty foundation, PO BOX 19813, amarillo, texas, 79114.  checks should be made payable to 25forty foundation.

In the meantime, Please Pray that God would place a Hedge of Protection around these Kindergarten children.  This has left our littlest children vulnerable to rape and child trafficking while their parents are away at work and their older sibling are at school. We thank God in advance for his provision and protection!

It takes so little to make a big differnce!
thank you!